Original Rabien Baumkuchen
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The Original Rabien Treecake, the "king of cakes", established the good reputation for fine confectionery by the Rabien family, master confetioners since over 135 years.

The Baumkuchen is baked on a horizontal turning spit in front of open flames. Layer per layer, the batter is added following the traditional family recipe and prepared only with natural ingredients.

Traditionally the treecake comes with "white" glasing. However today, you will find a number of variations on our list.

Konditorkunst und Handwerk seit 1878
A German Speciality from the Berlin Area

The Baumkuchen is a typical german speciality, evidently being produced since around 1680, at the time of "The Great Elector", Friedrich Wilhelm.
The old confectionery of Ernst Rabien continued this tradition, today, the Rabien cake is delivered around the world.

Treecake EURO
Nr.W500Baumkuchen original white, 500g € 23,00
Nr.W750Baumkuchen original white, 750g € 34,50
Nr.W1000Baumkuchen original white, 1000g € 46,00
Nr.W1500Baumkuchen original white, 1500g € 69,00
Nr.W2000Baumkuchen original white, 2000g € 92,00
Nr.S500Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 500g € 24,00
Nr.S750Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 750g € 36,00
Nr.S1000Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 1000g € 48,00
Nr.S1500Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 1500g € 72,00
Nr.S2000Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 2000g € 96,00
Treecake in the gift box
Nr.FKW500with Baumkuchen original white, 500g € 26,75
Nr.FKW700with Baumkuchen original white, 700g € 36,15
Nr.FKS500with Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 500g € 27,75
Nr.FKS700with Baumkuchen in dark chocolate, 700g € 37,55
Ginger Treecake
Nr.G500Ginger-Baumkuchen, 500g € 24,00
Nr.G750Ginger-Baumkuchen, 750g € 36,00
Nr.FKG500Ginger-Baumkuchen, 500g in hexagon gift box € 27,75
Nr.FKG700Ginger-Baumkuchen, 700g in hexagon gift box € 37,55
Nr.GC500Ginger-Baumkuchen tips in a bag, 500g € 25,00
Treecake tips in dark chocolate - the classic
Nr.C500Baumkuchen tips in cellophane bag, 500g € 25,00
Nr.F500Baumkuchen tips in small hexagon gift box, 500g

€ 28,75

Nr.FK800Baumkuchen tips, in hexagon gift box, 800g € 43,95
Treecake tips in premium milk chocolate
Nr.MC500Baumkuchen tips in cellophane bag, 500g € 25,00
Nr.MF500Baumkuchen tips in small hexagon gift box, 500g € 28,75
Nr.FKM800Baumkuchen tips in hexagon gift box, 800g € 43,95
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